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Toyota PH registers a new sales milestone in 2013
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) attained a new sales record with 75,587 units sold for 2013 tallying its highest annual sales performance since its start of operations in 1988. In the Passenger Car segment, TMP sold a total of 25,847 units while its Commercial Vehicle segment made up for the balance with 49,740 units. Capping off the year with its December sales of 6, 976 units, Toyota’s strong performance was spearheaded by the All-New Toyota Vios which continues to be well received by the market. The best-selling vehicle in the country has tallied its 4th consecutive month of record-breaking sales last month registering 2,345 units.  Year-to-date, Vios sales ended with a ... Read More


Before and after tests show only Caltex with Techron cleans vital engine parts
Like a surgeon peering inside a patient, Caltex recently showed how engines that are fed with low quality fuels become dirty in no time. In contrast, the same test showed pictures of how an engine that regularly uses Caltex with Techron are kept clean and operating at optimum levels. The results of the boroscope tests, a machine that is able to take videos and photos inside cars’ engines, were unveiled before local motoring media and members of the Car Awards Group Inc.  The tests involved 35 cars with at least 25,000 kilometers on the odometer or at least 3 years old. Pictures show build-up of unburned and harmful deposits in piston tops, and intake valves in engines that use ... Read More